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Have a Laugh

31 Jul
Hopefully, you’ll let out a laugh as hearty as I did when I read these descriptions in New York Magazine’s “The Year’s Best Hip Hop Dances”:

The Stankky Legg

The Moves: While alternately clapping, snapping your fingers, crossing your arms, and dramatically pausing, crouch down and stick one leg out away from your body as if — as is suggested by the song title, and by one brief moment in the video — your leg literally smells bad and you’re trying your best to get away from it.
Misc.: Appropriate times to do the Stanky Legg, as per the song’s lyrics: When you hit the dance floor; if you wild up.

Halle Berry

The Moves: While moderately swiveling your hips and bouncing your shoulders, hold one hand arm’s length away from you, with its palm toward you as if it were a mirror; with the other hand, rhythmically pretend to dab your makeup.

Damon Dash

The Moves: It’s an intricate multipart affair — just watch the video.

Definitely my first time hearing about this one, I suggest you watch the video like the description says. And fast forward to “1:44” to see “Jigga Pro” get down! Hilaaarious!

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4:20 AM, Jordin Sparks sings her heart out

31 Jul
on none other than MTV AM.
Don’t ask why…I’m up doing laundry, ok?

I know she’s singing about a pretty serious topic. No seriously, love is like a “battlefield”. But check out her silver print minxed nails. Ouoowee, fierce!


A Sweet Ending

31 Jul
Today was my last day in the city and the most efficient use of an 8hr time period I’ve ever coordinated:

First things first, I finally paid the corner stand guy my $9.25 debt plus interest (he was extremely happy about that).

Secondly, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get a box of glazed and jelly donuts for my co-interns, awesome Baby Phat and Pastry designers, and of course the amazing Southpole designers and professionals on the 6th floor (aka, the old intern hang out spot). I was thinking about switching it up for the Pastry folks (i.e. hot pink frosted cake, perhaps?), but decided to stick to my signature “sweet & delicious” exit!

Thirdly, I stopped by the Macdella Cooper Foundation to say a short goodbye to the amazing founder Macdella Cooper! Which led to my last intern duty of returning the loaner PORTS 1961 shoes we borrowed for the fashion show portion of the Hamptons’ benefit this past weekend. Let me tell you…PORTS 1961’s west side showroom is the most beautiful space I’ve seen in a very long time. When I walked in it was another one of those sensory overload moments (and you know how I get at these times, yes, inspiration left and right! By the time I got off of my last ride on the NJ Transit I had already completed a sketch of the entire space for keepsake!

It was just what I needed to see.
This project I’m working on, let’s just call it Operation DC, is destined to take off after that feeling I got today as I was leaving the showroom. It’s all falling into place…it’s amazing when that begins to happen.

Oh, and the best part? I was handed a check today…and here I was thinking I was working for free! A surprise paid internship? Definitely the highlight of my summer!


We’re Dolled up in Vogue Italia, yet again

31 Jul
Vogue Italia is back again for another tribute to black beauty. It was exactly one year ago when “Vogue: Black Issue” was released last July and sold out countless newsstands for their praise of all beautiful things in brown. I was so giddy with excitement that I took a picture of every page to commemorate the honor (think I’m kidding check? Check my facebook album).

I’m just as excited for this issue, however, I’m hoping that black models and designers will become a more permanent part of fashion versus a supplement (as with this) or a cover every now and then.

Nonetheless, the anniversary issue of the Black Issue pays homage to the iconic Barbie that has been an integral part of young girls’ imagination across the globe since 1967. However, it was not until 1980 that little African American girls were able to get their hands on the first Black barbie, Francie. Still Vogue couldn’t have made timing more perfect than this as the Barbie brand turns 50 years old this year (doesn’t she look good, not a wrinkle to be seen!)

And FYI for all you barbie collectors, a new collection of Black Barbie dolls called “So in Style” dolls will be launched later this year. The dolls will feature a more ethnic look with more authentic black features for their hair, lips and nose.

Can’t wait to get my hands on both this issue and a “So in Style” doll!

If I didn’t have a family reunion this weekend…

31 Jul
This is where I’d be just to get a glimpse of Coldplay and Jay at “All Points West”! A friend of mine at my internship told me about it..


I love how Jersey finally has something going on when I’m on my way out…Have fun Jacqueline!

Check out details here.

Unexpected lessons this Summer ;-)

28 Jul
This summer I witnessed truth in two poignant quotes:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

“Everything you imagine is real”– Picasso

To the first quote, I worked with a fabulous group of motivated women this summer. Many thanks to Macdella Cooper, Tammy Tibbetts, Lianne Zhang, Ashly Priest, Erin Scottberg, Anna Schilawski, Julia Miller, and many others for showing me that it only takes a few people dedicated to make big things happen. It was something I always knew, but to experience the mechanics of it all has given me a completely different outlook on life and what you can accomplish with a core of talented individuals.
(a fraction of the team that made the “Macdella Cooper Champions for Education Benefit” a success)

To the latter, the fact that a concept, an idea, or even a thought can become real by whispering it at the tip of your tongue has always been inspiring to me. However, I realized that the action that follows inception is just as crucial. When you speak your dreams, the actions you take thus forward must eat, breathe, and live it.

Once again, much thanks to the MCF “dream team” for inspiring a few crucial epiphanies this summer – it was exactly was I needed to make up my mind about a couple things.
(Interns Julia *far left* and I with the director, founder, and events&PR coordinator of the foundation)

With my summer in New York winding down and school starting up again, I have a lot of projects I will be rolling out…stay tuned my friends!

Paris, Not France

28 Jul
I think we saw the real Paris struggling to uphold her brand and live life when she screamed at her agent who was chastising her for being on her cell phone. She says “well I have to live my f**king life too, just give me a second”. That’s the Paris that is elusive to us. Instead we settle, and actually seem to love, the idiot-like baby with the goo-goo-ga-ga voice. From the looks of the documentary she seems to be a bit smarter than that. But I must be honest, she’s built a rock solid brand around the mystery that is her. One of her executives said it best when he said that people have to think twice when they hear “Paris”. You think, wait – Paris Hilton? or Paris, France? Admit it, you think about the blond before you think about the city.

The documentary was filmed by Adria Petty about 3 years ago and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008. However, it made an anticipated debut tonight on MTV…check out the trailer!

Glued to this documentary tonight, my eyes were definitely surprised by how celebrity brands are so carefully constructed – the fact that they are “constructed” so similar to other brands is a little bit of a shocker too. I did a double take when I saw Paris’ New York exec actually writing down adjectives like “sweet” and “innocent” on a powerpoint print out. Having the business woman Paris herself jump in and add “like, I’m childlike too” threw me for a loop. The process of brainstorming adjectives for a brand image seemed way too similar to what goes on in the business meetings I sit in on at work.

But then again Paris Hilton is a business. And possibly an empire…