A man was destined…

7 Jul

For the past couple of days all I’ve wanted to do is write-just write about it because there’s something largely therapeutic about putting a Paper Mate branded pen to unbranded paper. So here’s my tribute to MICHAEL JACKSON, the most talented entertainer the world has ever seen. And for me, the last entertainer my mom and I will ever both ever agree to get down to…

I wholesomely agree with his long time friend Elizabeth Taylor who once called him the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul, but ultimately side with Oprah who deems even such a title “too limiting for a man of his stature”. The anatomy of his craftsmanship alone deserves a novel; however, Michael Jackson was more than a composer, dancer, and lyricist (“hehee!”). He was also a philanthropist of large scale – a scale of which most could never fathom then and most certainly not now (as most artist of today’s standard are content with hoarding their Benjamins to themselves). MJ gave over 300 million to people in need – and yes most of his millions went to the dear children. A fixation that many who didn’t travel Michael’s path found odd for a grown man. And maybe it was odd. Nonetheless, it’s the reason he has my upmost admiration and respect, as I truly believe that certain individuals are pre-destined to endure struggles that propel them to carry the torch for others too weak to carry their own. In the case of Michael, he carried the torch for the children.

When I heard the news of MJ’s death, I was deeply saddened and turned to my trusty twitter app that place the broke the news to me in the first place. I sorted my thoughts there:

You know I was trying to figure out the real reason ppl mourn when ppl like him die…to be honest we didn’t know the real mj |All we can really do is speculate about his personal struggles and if and how he tried to express it through his artistry…|But then I think about “Outliers” the novel I read…Believe it or not it says that a legend is born after at least 10,000 hours of practice| Mj had at least 40+ years to master his craft…and that’s why the world mourns today| Because we could feel and see the mastery of his craft…teaching other artist like diddy & usher that u can actually SEE the beat of music| Majority of us didn’t know mj. Not at all. But we were blessed to feel his music…to see a master performance of a legend.

And I think I said it the best way I could there. In my mind’s eye, it seems that the day Michael Jackson died people realized the world lost the best gift to people who love music. For me, the genius and innovation of music that catches young kids with short attention spans, started with him. And dare I say that it ends with him as well? I hope Music proves me wrong.

mj style

To end this madness, MJ’s death and the magnitude of its affect has me thinking about the legacy us young people will leave. Its got me asking myself “I’m 20 years old, what do I know for sure?”

My answer? Definitely a whole other blog post…and I’d like to personally thank MJ for inspiring it.



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