A must see: Anna Wintour at her best!

8 Jul

The September Issue chronicles the making of the 2008 Vogue September Issue- the biggest issue for vogue every year. One woman quoted that the month is poignantly nicknamed the “January” of fashion for Vogue and subsequently the recurring genesis for the rest of American Fashion too. I still have the issue from last year that’s featured in the documentary with Kiera Knightley on the cover, also a shabby copy of the 2007 Sienna Miller cover. Check out the trailer:

(notice how Andre Leon Talley did not dap Vera Wang. Hehe)

I’m still making up my mind about Ms. Wintour. However, she does have my respect for that hunk of a publication. Also, I find it very funny that she has grown fashion professionals and designers shaking in their boots about their style choice and design! Who would think a woman with such a static bob could have designers leaving looks out of their collection. Definitely a must see on my list…next task is to find a theater featuring it in New York. Google!



One Response to “A must see: Anna Wintour at her best!”

  1. missfunmi July 8, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

    Miranda Priestly!!!!

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