FIT Museum Finally!

11 Jul
So last week Friday I made my way to the FIT Museum on 23rd Street for an exhibit on Isabel Toledo. I had a blast with my chicas, the fab Coco Shanel and Claire. It was even more fun and inspiring to see the work of Isabel Toledo and her husband Ruben Toledo! First off, Isabel Toledo is the designer of the Yellow lemon grass colored sheath and matching jacket that Michelle Obama wore the day of inauguration. Seeing the ‘fit in person was like deja-vu; I remembered where I was when I saw it on the live mannequin Mrs. Michell Obama herself. Inauguration Day I was perched in Mayor Fenty’s office where I was supposed to be a “volunteering”. Yeah- you know how that went. Nonetheless, the highlight was seeing Michelle and Barack Obama step gracefully out of their beastly bullet proof ride and walk down Pennsylvania Avenue past the mayor’s office. That ‘fit summed it up for me- our first lady was going to be a style maven. So you see why I was extremely happy to be at this exhibit! Besides dressing our first lady, Isabel Toledo is an extremely talented designer by her own merit. The exhibit really showcased her craftsmanship and how she attempts to take design to another level by manipulating the textures of fabric before they are even cut.


We should all be pretty familiar with her other half, Ruben Toledo. I first came to appreciate his art work a while back when I was thumbing through junk mail one random day and his illustrations on the cover of the Neiman Marcus catalog caught my eye. And if I’m inspired by anything–it’s fashion illustration!
ruben toledo
I’ve been in between NJ/NY/DMV for the summer but I always have my “nb” inspiration book with me wherever I am. It’s a collage of all things visually inspiring – and lo and behold I found a page with an illustration I cut out of the NM catalog by Ruben Toledo himself.
_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_BOOK
You can spot his distinctive sketching/drawing style from anywhere. So if you see Barbie-pout-lipped-perfectly-round-faced-alien-eyed sketches on the cover of some mag, know that Ruben Toledo and had something to do with it. The Toledos are a pair to watch!

One more note about our first lady? Isabel Toledo was largely unheard of before Ms.Obama–yep!


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