“to write”…

16 Jul
…is the Latin translation of “graphium”. And “graphium” the predecessor of “grafitti”.

Monday through Friday, I feel like I take a whiz through the same art gallery as stare out the window of the Path train on my way to work. I’ve always been fascinated by the colorful imagery of these young artist that tag public property. And although I can never make out a word, it’s interesting how graffiti has been the artistic style of choice for most dissenters. Whether it’s politically inspired, lyrical, or random, “guerilla art” has been around since the beginning of time when man would tag cave walls like high school kids tag bridges and buildings today. Cool cats with the nick names “Cornbread”, “Cool Earl” and “Taki” (insert a serious LOL here) made it hot on the streets of New York and even got a smash article in the New York Times for their illegal, yet beautiful, work. hmm, picture that.
Now, let’s pause for a second. It should be made clear I do NOT condone rascals drawing on buildings to cure their boredom – however, I can’t help but think that that’s how these young artists got started before they realized they were a part of something bigger.



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