Agree or Disagree?

17 Jul
After work today I got into some serious talk with some representatives from A couple hundred people had gathered along 6th Avenue to hopefully catch a glimpse of Obama coming out of the Hilton. Most of the people in attendance were fanatically anticipating his departure from the building (yeah, we were all trying to get a picture). However, not everyone was as excited. Within the next week, I’ll post my video on a heated discussion between a political science student and one of the reps – and then you’ll see what I’m talking about. But until then, just know that the entire conversation came down to revealing the sad truth that many of us Americans may or may not know – to the rest of the world, America operates in a “terroristic” framework. In that perspective, the United States is a very frightening bully that only plays when the ball is in our court. And when it’s not, you ask? We will seek it with spies, and take it with bombs and guns (using Democracy as a front, of course) . Can you imagine being on the receiving end of this?

Still, I beg that people remember that other countries have their demons as well – Yes, America happens to be the bigger bully domestically and abroad- but for people gung-ho about this argument, this should not take away from the (excuse my french)-up ish happening around the world as we sleep.

De facto, this world is an absolute mess. That’s why I turn to the fantasy of fashion some days, because it’s almost unbearable to think about the inhumanity, fallacies, and collusion. Looking at the things we do, I know He weeps some days…


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