Bangalore, India

17 Jul
is the country that model Lakshmi Menon calls home. I had to post something on her tonight after watching the “The Fashion Show” on Bravo. I was extremely inspired by James Paul’s collection, although, I will be the first to admit that I’m not ready for that type of fashion yet. With the concept of his line being “Indigenous meets Western Clothing”, I was really drawn to the spirit of his collection and knew that I felt that spirit elsewhere before. It wasn’t “beautiful”, to be honest, but it had so much passion. Combined with all the other cinematic elements, I was close to getting a bit teary eyed as he spoke about where the emotion for this collection came from and how it was representative of what the world’s indigenous has gone through.

Nonetheless, it reminded me of an editorial I saw of Lakshmi a couple months ago in Dazed & Confused magazine. The shoot took on the indigenous theme but incorporated a more glamorous and warrior princess look with gold and pounds of adornment!

I absolutely love this editorial. And of course I found it on none other than


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