Friday, 8:01pm

17 Jul
After mourning my loss all day, I check my inbox and this is the email I received from the MTA LIRR Lost & Found.

Dear Mr or Ms. Bestman,

The MTA Long Island Rail Road Lost & Found has recovered an article that possibly matches the article that you reported leaving behind on LIRR property. A probable match does not guarantee that your item has been found. It only means that an item matching your description has been turned in.

The reference number for this property is 21652.

To claim your property, please bring your Photo ID and the above reference number to the Long Island Rail Road Lost and Found Office, which is located at the LIRR Concourse Level at Penn Station near the Main Gate Area (across from Tracks 13 & 14; to right of 7th Ave escalators).

If you are claiming an electronic device, i.e. cell phone or PDA, it would be helpful for you to bring the charger for the device, so it may be powered up to assist in identification.

The Lost and Found Office is open to the public weekdays from 7:20 AM until 7:20 PM and on weekends from 6:20 AM to 1:50 PM. The Lost and Found Office is closed on major holidays listed in the public timetable.

Your property will be held in accordance to New York State Personal Property Law.

In light of this, I will making a special trip to the city tomorrow…and saying an extra prayer tonight.



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