Paris, Not France

28 Jul
I think we saw the real Paris struggling to uphold her brand and live life when she screamed at her agent who was chastising her for being on her cell phone. She says “well I have to live my f**king life too, just give me a second”. That’s the Paris that is elusive to us. Instead we settle, and actually seem to love, the idiot-like baby with the goo-goo-ga-ga voice. From the looks of the documentary she seems to be a bit smarter than that. But I must be honest, she’s built a rock solid brand around the mystery that is her. One of her executives said it best when he said that people have to think twice when they hear “Paris”. You think, wait – Paris Hilton? or Paris, France? Admit it, you think about the blond before you think about the city.

The documentary was filmed by Adria Petty about 3 years ago and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008. However, it made an anticipated debut tonight on MTV…check out the trailer!

Glued to this documentary tonight, my eyes were definitely surprised by how celebrity brands are so carefully constructed – the fact that they are “constructed” so similar to other brands is a little bit of a shocker too. I did a double take when I saw Paris’ New York exec actually writing down adjectives like “sweet” and “innocent” on a powerpoint print out. Having the business woman Paris herself jump in and add “like, I’m childlike too” threw me for a loop. The process of brainstorming adjectives for a brand image seemed way too similar to what goes on in the business meetings I sit in on at work.

But then again Paris Hilton is a business. And possibly an empire…


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