Have a Laugh

31 Jul
Hopefully, you’ll let out a laugh as hearty as I did when I read these descriptions in New York Magazine’s “The Year’s Best Hip Hop Dances”:

The Stankky Legg

The Moves: While alternately clapping, snapping your fingers, crossing your arms, and dramatically pausing, crouch down and stick one leg out away from your body as if — as is suggested by the song title, and by one brief moment in the video — your leg literally smells bad and you’re trying your best to get away from it.
Misc.: Appropriate times to do the Stanky Legg, as per the song’s lyrics: When you hit the dance floor; if you wild up.

Halle Berry

The Moves: While moderately swiveling your hips and bouncing your shoulders, hold one hand arm’s length away from you, with its palm toward you as if it were a mirror; with the other hand, rhythmically pretend to dab your makeup.

Damon Dash

The Moves: It’s an intricate multipart affair — just watch the video.

Definitely my first time hearing about this one, I suggest you watch the video like the description says. And fast forward to “1:44” to see “Jigga Pro” get down! Hilaaarious!

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One Response to “Have a Laugh”

  1. Mea Karnley August 5, 2009 at 2:40 pm #

    Ahahah. Kik this is hilarious! The descriptions alone made me almost tear up, then theres the “jigga pro” ahahaha!

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