5 Aug
This is a read I just can’t put down. I got a copy of “ARISE” magazine at one of those splendid all-you-can-read-and-adore magazine stores I spotted in Midtown before an interview. I figured it was going to be a wasted $11.95 (expensive by the way, right?) but at that point I needed something to take my mind off of an interview I had been preparing for weeks. Fast forward, I got the internship as goes the story of my fabulous summer in New York these past couple of months. But besides the memories, contacts, and friendships I made because of this internship, I’m even more happy that I didn’t mind spending a dub+ on something that was just supposed to keep me from whirling into a nervous wreck that Thursday afternoon.

Going into the interview I was calm, ready, but barely focused because I had just delved into a fantastic article about the Arise African Fashion Collection Show at New York Fashion Week. ARISE magazine has got me on edge as the “first global magazine dedicated to achievements in African fashion, music, culture, and polity”. And do I have to prove how stunning the fashion editorials are? You must see for yourself! Get a copy here!




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