“If you don’t know, now you know”

5 Aug
After dining and dancing with the family this weekend, I was extremely inspired. I guess that’s what happens when you laugh, cry, and remember with family members as lovely as the ones I’m blessed to have. After a somewhat profound conversation with my cousins about our crazy Bassa aunts and uncles, we agreed on what a loss it would be to have the our family’s accents and Liberian culture fade into oblivion a la the tales of Blacks in America. Nostalgic memories of “African” moments in middle school and instances on Flatbush in Brooklyn and Howard University in DC that could only purely be African-American (or just plain American as a matter of fact) remind me of how my life has been shaped by two separate but similiarly nuanced cultures. I have come to realize the two striking continents – via all-around Liberian parents and the American soil I was born and raised – that have made me the “Afropolitan” that I am. I held the puzzle piece to this realization that solemn day in 11th grade I figured out that saying “Na-mah” (equivelant to “It’s OK”) to a melancholy friend was heavy Liberian slang; but I didn’t see the full picture until this past weekend hitting the dance floor with Liberians in Boston.

(Liberian flag…strikingly similar to the American flag right? Get some history!)
“You should never forget the roots from which you came or you’ll never figure out where your trying to go. The road would be fuzzy, and you extremely lost!” – my mother would be estactic to know that I’m qouting her rendition of that time-old piece of wisdom!.

One Response to ““If you don’t know, now you know””

  1. Mea August 8, 2009 at 1:45 am #

    I absolutely love this, it so true!

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