Are you in the “Scene” in DC?

6 Aug
“Scene-In” is a new series shot by the Alexandra Garcia for the Washington Post promising to chronicle the style of Washingtonians in every corner of the District.

Check out the second episode in Capitol Hill. Not too shabby!

Alexandra Garcia has also hit Dupont Circle and recently Duke Ellington high school (which is by far the most interesting to-date, see it here). C’mon bison, are we going to let DC high schools get their style credit before we get ours? The post encourages their readers to reach out to request new places for the “scene”. I say this to emphasize that sending the Washington Post a couple nice emails to come visit our school for the next scene-in episode is not a letter to congress. You know how us Howard students get. I repeat, no injustice has been done here. Just send Alexandra an email about how Howard students wear this second skin called “fashion” and “style” every where they go and I’m sure Mrs. Garcia will come running to shoot an episode on our campus!



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