The Jean Jacket Story

8 Aug

…a love hate relationship we have. See you have to understand, in high school I loathed seeing the typical LVLX jean jacket on my latina sisters. Although I loved them so, I secretly wished that they would burn their jackets. Their distressed. cropped. and/or. full lengthed. jean jacket. I wanted to burn them all. Nowadays, I see myself taking a turn for the better. I no longer get quezzy when I see a vintage levi or new-aged jean jackets donning folks in the mall. In fact, I tried on a couple on in Zara the other day and felt not one pang of loathing in my soul. Times have changed and I’m loving the jean jacket.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers Karla from Karla’s Closest has a couple nice ones in rotation. Also Kanye and his mistress always seem to style their jj’s just right. Lastly, I must give a shoutout to my friend Claire that has an oversized one that is just adorablé!



Personally, although I love the vintage-y jj’s, mine has got to be a bit edgy and savage á la Rihanna. Throw in a Balmain acid wash and I’d don it like no other. Nonetheless, I’m loving the come back jean jackets are making this season.


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