Eva! Eva! Eva!

27 Sep

One of my favorite films,Evita, happens to star Madonna as Argentine political leader and one of my humanitarian idols Eva Perón. Directed by Alan Parker, other heavy hitters included Antonia Banderas as Che and Jonathan Pryce as Perón. Most people I’ve asked about this movie have never seen it but can remember hearing these lyrics to a tune: “Don’t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you!”. Nonetheless, I had a bit of nostalgia this morning as I was listening to a playlist and came across one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack, “I’d be surprisingly Good for You”, that has a very pretty latin flair with the light sambas in the background.

Take a look at the song’s scene from the movie.

After a short history lesson on Eva Peron in a class in high school, I think I read just about every book that was ever written about her. Her story of passion, triumph, and persistence moved me and has ever since been a woman that I admired. Her repertoire included a strong stance for the descamisados (working class) of Argentina, women’s suffrage, and most poignant, her work with children via the Eva Perón Foundation. Not to mention she was solely responsible for the establishment of Argentina’s first female political party – Just a little history lesson!

Besides the political and biographical elements of the movie, the reason it still has such resonance in my mind is because of the fantastical fashion. The movie channeled a very 40s Argentinian glamour that rivals what political royalty were wearing around the world at the time. I don’t know you guys, I think she may have put a little dirt on Jackie O when it came to her fashion sense! Ha!


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