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Flea market treasures

9 Mar

I wear this necklace I found at a flea market near my house often. It’s not Venetian, but from research, I’ve found out that filigree – the technique of the leaf pendant on the necklace – is a caneworking technique (that I spoke about here) developed in Venice as well. Wow, Venice spotted me at a church market sale before I even stepped foot on Murano island!

Just in case you were wondering, no, I didn’t buy it in the condition it is now. It’s been falling a part beautifully since October (most people seem to thinks it’s the style. I don’t mind). But If someone does happen to ask, I can always say that perhaps someone has the other half ;-).


The Chicest Oscar Viewing Party on your Campus

8 Mar

Twitter was alive last night with so many of my friends having a blast commenting on outfits of the nominated guests. They had a lot to say. And it was quite comical to say the least. But imagine how much fun it would be if you had your closest friends, your next door neighbors in your dorm, and resident fashionistas all together in the same room, giving their commentary – instead of a virtual room online. It would be psychedelic! So below I’ve given a few personal tips on having a chic viewing party on your campus.

[1] NOMINATIONS. For an award show like the Oscars, nominations are announced well before hand. This year, they were announced on Tuesday, february 2nd. About one month and a half in advance of the awards show you anticipate, be on the look out for the nominees announcement.

[2] INVITES. Once you’ve got the coveted list, send out a fun invitation via fbook or (Which is my favorite way to send an invite! See my sample from below and click on it to check out the beta site!) and link your friends to a Google poll you’ve created on nominees for each category. Then, ask them to cast their vote for who they think will be taking the cake for the night! [you can either create your own poll/ballot via Google or download Oscar ballots here]

Invite sample from

[3] SPECIAL BALLOTS. If inviting your entire floor or just a handful of close friends – people who know each other – keep them in mind when creating “special categories” to add to your poll. For example, “Best Party Pooper” aka your friend that never goes out, or “Most Indecisive” for your best girl friend who can’t make up her mind about a few love interests in the life (cough, cough, yeah, you!)

[4] TWITTER. You should know that I’m definitely fan of promoting events on twitter – no matter how small or big. A couple days before your event send a note out to the fashionista friends you’ve invited and ask them if they’d like to give their take on the best outfits and styling of the night. More than likely, they would love to and would be doing so whether or not you asked. The night of your event, ask that they arrive on time (because they will be late, of course) to preview the red carpet looks with the your other guests – and tweet about it!

For example, you will tweet as host (bien sûr!), but also have your fashionista soiree tweeters add the hash tag #HUOscarViewing or #HUOscarParty to their tweets (or if your keen on claiming party rights, use something like #NicholesOscarSoiree). If you’re the first to do it in this style, most likely more will follow and add the same hash tags on twitter if they attend your university. The best laughs will happen after the event when you and your friends can search the hash tag on twitter and see the witty commentary of other viewing parties on your campus that chimed in on the Awards show or in response to your fashionista tweeters.

(ALSO, twitpic the winners of your “special ballots”)

[5] FOOD. What’s any get together without food? Get finger appetizers that your friends would love and be sure to have small paper plates to serve all. But if you’ve spent your last dime on shoes, books, or otherwise? Simply, ask everyone to bring their own plates. Why? Because your providing the food on a student bank account, that’s why! After a recklessly fun night during Howard University’s homecoming, I made pancakes for my entire party crew the next morning. The only requirement in the text I sent out? “BRING YOUR OWN PLATE”. You can even add, “THIS IS STRONGLY ADVISED…or you will not eat”. Just kidding!

But of course this depends on your venue! For your dorm this is fine. For your apartment? Asking your guests to carry a plate in a backpack or purse would be hilarious, but not nice or good-hostess like!

With the above tips your viewing party will be a smaash. But always remember to add a little flavor to all your soirees that’s completely and uniquely you! Like adding velvet red ribbon around your champaign bottles for that red carpet glamour vibe, or simply putting flashy hollywood gift wrapping paper on your door for the night so your guests can immediately spot the party room!

Viewing parties are my favorite types of get-togethers to attend! Invite me to your next one and I’ll be sure to contribute for the occasion!


A little Island off the coast of Italy ♥

7 Mar

Murano & Burano are the most beautiful quaint islands off the coast of Venezia, Italie. Study Abroad at Euromed has brought me closer to the little inspirations I’ve always wanted to see up close and personal. Nonetheless, I was in Italy for Le Carnevale di Venezia about 3 weeks ago for a weekend and had the opportunity to go the the family owned glass factory that makes the authentic Murano glass jewelry, one of the many things Venice is known for. Glass making has been has been perfected for centuries in Venice…witnessing the art of blowing glass, making color, and and the caneworking technique was phenomenal. Extremely tourist-y? Yeah a bit so. But check the photos below, they were totally worth it flipping my tourist card.

These two are favorites 😉

The stamp authenticates glass jewelry from Murano. Also, see that small purple bead. When I spotted it, I wanted it the necklace immediately! Why? It gives the necklace so much character and is another testament to the fact that the beads were hand strung.

The bottom half of a handmade pot in the shape of a Venetian mask. I've been using it as a jewelry holder for the sparklin' glass ♥


The Study of Gabology

6 Mar

Back in the day no one could tell me anything thing about the crew I hung out with in high school. We had Bryan taking photos every second on the right, Gabs & Marissa singing their hearts out in talents shows and at lunch time in the music room, Taniece banging on drums, Kathy growing her luscious ‘fro and dreaming about her skin care collection, Khang working on his Ronnie-Jr-from-Jersey-Shore-esque body, my girls Tre and Beth bringing in the bate, Phillip pondering his next masterpiece of art work, and Chalaay being a grown up hanging out with the seniors (he was the only junior in our group).

It’s amazing to look at all of us now and see the progress and to see so many of us pursue our dreams while we attend school. Gabs, has been practicing her craft since as long as I’ve known her thus it’s been a pleasure to see the growth. I betcha no one at James Hubert Black High School would believe it’s the same girl they used to walk the hallways with who owned every colored pair of chucks in the world.

Nonetheless, after she released her single “Dangerous” she hit the studio again to produce this sultry soul clinger called “Change”. See the teaser of her new song “Change” shot by Bryan (who also does her photography) & his buddy Mahada below and hear the entire song on her Myspace music page.

Follow Tracie-Josephine on her artistic journey at @Gabology and on her Facebook Fan Page.

It’s fantastic to see someone spread their wings, especially when they’re a good friend of yours. I’ve taken a front row seat…will you? You should, because she “wants to change mankind, one song at a time” 😉


“Don’t call it a come back”

6 Mar

So I’ve been having the time of my life on Study Abroad in France. But there are somedays when you want to have some since of home, some sense of the things you used to do, some sense of the things you left behind. I’ve been on cloud 9 for more than 2 months – that’s a long time to be so high. I’ve been needing a way to ground my excitement and finally found the remedy after having an epiphany.

I love writing about the things that bring me inspiration and make me happy. It was the entire reason I started “Pursuit of Paris”. So I’m back…

What’s new besides me exploring Europe? [1] I’ve finally completed the “About” section, (yaay!) [2] I’ve added a new section to the blog entitled “!nspirat!on” that links to everything I come across that has my senses spinning. Click the photo below to be transported to that side of my cranium 😉