A little Island off the coast of Italy ♥

7 Mar

Murano & Burano are the most beautiful quaint islands off the coast of Venezia, Italie. Study Abroad at Euromed has brought me closer to the little inspirations I’ve always wanted to see up close and personal. Nonetheless, I was in Italy for Le Carnevale di Venezia about 3 weeks ago for a weekend and had the opportunity to go the the family owned glass factory that makes the authentic Murano glass jewelry, one of the many things Venice is known for. Glass making has been has been perfected for centuries in Venice…witnessing the art of blowing glass, making color, and and the caneworking technique was phenomenal. Extremely tourist-y? Yeah a bit so. But check the photos below, they were totally worth it flipping my tourist card.

These two are favorites 😉

The stamp authenticates glass jewelry from Murano. Also, see that small purple bead. When I spotted it, I wanted it the necklace immediately! Why? It gives the necklace so much character and is another testament to the fact that the beads were hand strung.

The bottom half of a handmade pot in the shape of a Venetian mask. I've been using it as a jewelry holder for the sparklin' glass ♥


2 Responses to “A little Island off the coast of Italy ♥”

  1. Stanette March 9, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    Let me just say that I’m In LOOOOVE!!!

    Jewelry is #Gorgeous!!!!!! Gurl you are having the blessing of a lifetime and though I don’t even know how I even stumbled across your page on twitter let’s just say How freaklishly happy I am that I did. Keep doing you and experiencing all that life has to offer!!!

    Btw>> the lil splash of purple is a peace of humility. I mean of all the colors to accidentally show up it had to be My favorite and if ya didn’t know purple is a color of honor, royalty, and sophistication! =)

    Stay Blessed


  1. Flea market treasures « Pursuit of Paris - March 9, 2010

    […] of the leaf pendant on the necklace – is a caneworking technique (that I spoke about here) developed in Venice as well. Wow, Venice spotted me at a church market sale before I even stepped […]

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