Pursuit of Paris (P.o.P) will document the soul and surroundings of a young woman via 3 vessels fashion, humanity, and life (I threw that in there to cover everything else that won’t fit under the prior two :-)). It was established after I watched my favorite actor sleep in the bathroom with his son for the 10th time since the movie was released. I almost cried during this scene because it made so much sense to thrust yourself upon your dream like that – to the point where all that is left is you, it, and maybe someone you care about. I thought to myself that the day I’m sleeping in a subway bathroom to pursue my dreams, is the day I know that really going to make it. Thus, it’s obvious how “Pursuit of Paris” got it’s name, no?

Still, you really don’t know that much about me. I can give you a couple important facts on who Nichole Bestman is:

[1] She attends Howard University School of Business
[2] She’s in the 3rd year of the race to get out of there
[3] She wears The Gbomai Bestman Foundation on her sleeve
[4] She sketches/designs/draws
[5] She values human pain, happiness, fear, love, contempt, compassion, frustration, suffering, doubt, etc.
[6] She thinks that’s what makes us superior creatures when we channel them in to amazing things.
[7] She’s in love with God, her family, fashion, Liberia, and Hip Hop.

Lastly, she has a love/hate relationship with the world we live in and gets inspired and pissed off by it everyday…and clearly likes to write about it.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Liyin October 26, 2009 at 3:26 pm #

    Hi Nichole,
    I received your message left on my blog.
    Would you drop me a line?
    My email address : liyin.yeo [a] gmail.com


  1. “Don’t call it a come back” « Pursuit of Paris - March 6, 2010

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