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Where the Wild Things Are?

27 Sep
I love that novel.

But that’s not the topic of this post – I’m referring to the beautifully wild things that prance down the fanatastical runways of Victoria’s Secret! Have you ever dreamed of being a part of this particular runway? If your 5’8 and above in bare feet, your chance is now. You can apply in two ways: either online via or with a 90 second video essay OR attend one of the open castings in New York (October 1st) , Miami (October 10th), LA (October 17th), or Chicago (October 24rd)

However, I suggest you read this document fully, outlining rules, regulations, and information about the MODEL BOOT CAMP that the top ten finalists enter on November 3rd. Check this out, Victoria’s Secret will be providing a loft apartment for the contestants and will be subject to videographing and photography “24 hours a weeks, 7 days a week and may have little or no privacy”. A small price to pay, I say!

To get to that point, however, you will be judged on the following criteria:
-potential public appeal
-how photogenic you are
-and the consistency of your appearance with the Victoria’s Secret brand image

As if stomping the runway is not enough, the finalist will also win a $5,000 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. Yeah, possibly every girl’s dream.

My suggestions to the entrants:
Be nice, all of the women who will make it to the finals will be just as beautiful you. However, your personality and character will take you a long way. Especially since the world will have the opportunity to vote on the final 3, final 2, and finally the one lucky lady that will grace the runway. Public Voting is as follows: Round 1 Nov.9th-11th, Round 2 Nov.16th-18th, and Round 3 Nov.23-Dec.1st

My other suggestion? Grab a pair of wings from the nearest costume store and practice that alluring Victoria’s Secret walk!

Online entries (of which requires a video) must be submitted by Oct.1st. Go now:


Not possible…

27 Sep

To have both two of my favorites in the same video: Rachael Roy & Grafitti art by artist George “SEN one” Morrillo. Can I just say that Rachel Roy is on the verge of being etched onto my “femme de style et de substance” list because of this. She is genius for this one. Take a pertinent looksy:

And to add to her accolades, here are some of my love looks from her 2009 PF collection:

If your loving Ms. Roy as much as I do, you’ve got to do your eyes justice by viewing her affordable collection Rachel by Rachel Roy.


Eva! Eva! Eva!

27 Sep

One of my favorite films,Evita, happens to star Madonna as Argentine political leader and one of my humanitarian idols Eva Perón. Directed by Alan Parker, other heavy hitters included Antonia Banderas as Che and Jonathan Pryce as Perón. Most people I’ve asked about this movie have never seen it but can remember hearing these lyrics to a tune: “Don’t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you!”. Nonetheless, I had a bit of nostalgia this morning as I was listening to a playlist and came across one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack, “I’d be surprisingly Good for You”, that has a very pretty latin flair with the light sambas in the background.

Take a look at the song’s scene from the movie.

After a short history lesson on Eva Peron in a class in high school, I think I read just about every book that was ever written about her. Her story of passion, triumph, and persistence moved me and has ever since been a woman that I admired. Her repertoire included a strong stance for the descamisados (working class) of Argentina, women’s suffrage, and most poignant, her work with children via the Eva Perón Foundation. Not to mention she was solely responsible for the establishment of Argentina’s first female political party – Just a little history lesson!

Besides the political and biographical elements of the movie, the reason it still has such resonance in my mind is because of the fantastical fashion. The movie channeled a very 40s Argentinian glamour that rivals what political royalty were wearing around the world at the time. I don’t know you guys, I think she may have put a little dirt on Jackie O when it came to her fashion sense! Ha!


“Everthing that glitters is not gold”

8 Aug
Uh, are you sure about that?
These Miu-Miu glitter peep-toe gals seem to prove otherwise – I’m almost sure they’re at least 20k solid before that opulent layer of glittering glitz!


Blow a fuse here…

6 Aug

Gmail delivered this lovely email today:

Dear Nichole:

Gilt Fuse is nearly here!

Just like Gilt, there’ll be a whole new lineup of fashion, just for women. And here’s the difference: the prices will be much lower and we’ll feature a wider range of styles to mix and match. Dress the way you feel: edgy today, boho tomorrow and preppy the day after.

It’s your style, Gilt Fuse lets you express it.

Our debut sale features stunning styles from:
Kova T
Modern Amusement

Only our members are invited to access Gilt Fuse before it has a wider release in the fall. That’s why we need you to tell us what you love and what you just like.

Click below for a hint of Gilt Fuse, before Wednesday, August 12.


See you there,

Alexis and Alexandra

Gilt Groupe’s latest venture, Gilt Fuse will feature contemporary brands at lower price points than older sister Gilt Groupe. The first brands to debut the site will be sold at prices up to 70% off retail! If you are net yet a member of, act fast so that you can take advantage of these major sales!

The site will be launched at 12:00pm on August 12 at

By the way, have you visited lately? I’ve never seen Elizabeth and James price points that low!

Por Favor, Angelina!

6 Aug
Pleading with Angelina Jolie to wear this look in her next assassination movie. Or possibly to wherever country duty calls her as UN Refugee Agency ambassador – dressed to kill a la Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2009 collection!

Oh! You stud, you!

6 Aug
At the beginning of every summer I make a list of must haves for fall/winter since it’s the absolute best time to get beau prices on items for that season. After securing a size 28 pair of J Brand jeans in Zombie and Thrasher, and pure luck with orange Latitude Femme wedges last summer, I figured I’d try my trusty ebay account for another great find. And a great find it was…

Thank you Phillip Lim for this eye candy. Studded 3.1 Phillip Lim Vest in my shopping cart on ebay? Check!