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Where the Wild Things Are?

27 Sep
I love that novel.

But that’s not the topic of this post – I’m referring to the beautifully wild things that prance down the fanatastical runways of Victoria’s Secret! Have you ever dreamed of being a part of this particular runway? If your 5’8 and above in bare feet, your chance is now. You can apply in two ways: either online via or with a 90 second video essay OR attend one of the open castings in New York (October 1st) , Miami (October 10th), LA (October 17th), or Chicago (October 24rd)

However, I suggest you read this document fully, outlining rules, regulations, and information about the MODEL BOOT CAMP that the top ten finalists enter on November 3rd. Check this out, Victoria’s Secret will be providing a loft apartment for the contestants and will be subject to videographing and photography “24 hours a weeks, 7 days a week and may have little or no privacy”. A small price to pay, I say!

To get to that point, however, you will be judged on the following criteria:
-potential public appeal
-how photogenic you are
-and the consistency of your appearance with the Victoria’s Secret brand image

As if stomping the runway is not enough, the finalist will also win a $5,000 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. Yeah, possibly every girl’s dream.

My suggestions to the entrants:
Be nice, all of the women who will make it to the finals will be just as beautiful you. However, your personality and character will take you a long way. Especially since the world will have the opportunity to vote on the final 3, final 2, and finally the one lucky lady that will grace the runway. Public Voting is as follows: Round 1 Nov.9th-11th, Round 2 Nov.16th-18th, and Round 3 Nov.23-Dec.1st

My other suggestion? Grab a pair of wings from the nearest costume store and practice that alluring Victoria’s Secret walk!

Online entries (of which requires a video) must be submitted by Oct.1st. Go now:


Heidi’s Workout Plan

8 Aug


Click above to see the workout video site!
In this day and age, I think it’s amazing how Hills characters Mr. & Mrs. Pratt are still famous for, well, being famous. Now Heidi’s got a workout plan (channeling Kim Kardashian a bit?).

I don’t know about this one you guys. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like her 80’s workout themed music video “Overdosin”.

…then again Mrs. Pratt does have an amazingly fit bod.
If any of you try it, please send me a review!


Alice in 3D you say?

8 Aug

Set to debut March 5th 2010, the 7 year old sweet Alice we once knew as kids is no longer. Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” casts 19 year old Mia Wasikowska (from HBO’s ‘In Treatment’) to act as Alice in her teen years at 17. The plot follows that she is invited to a party only to find out, to her dismay, that she is about to be proposed to in front of a bunch of “snooty society types”. She runs off into the forests to begin the same adventure she has forgotten 10 years ago as a young girl. Check out the trailer!

Tim Burton, producer of Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas among many other award winning films, has put his usual goth accent to the movie (of which I would usually pass). However, he promises that this will be a movie to see “for little people and people who read it when they were little 50 years ago”. I think I’m going to catch this one with my mini-me little sister – perks for her include the super 3D cinematic elements. For me, you ask? Definitely Johnny Depp in action as the Mad Hatter himself!


Are you in the “Scene” in DC?

6 Aug
“Scene-In” is a new series shot by the Alexandra Garcia for the Washington Post promising to chronicle the style of Washingtonians in every corner of the District.

Check out the second episode in Capitol Hill. Not too shabby!

Alexandra Garcia has also hit Dupont Circle and recently Duke Ellington high school (which is by far the most interesting to-date, see it here). C’mon bison, are we going to let DC high schools get their style credit before we get ours? The post encourages their readers to reach out to request new places for the “scene”. I say this to emphasize that sending the Washington Post a couple nice emails to come visit our school for the next scene-in episode is not a letter to congress. You know how us Howard students get. I repeat, no injustice has been done here. Just send Alexandra an email about how Howard students wear this second skin called “fashion” and “style” every where they go and I’m sure Mrs. Garcia will come running to shoot an episode on our campus!



1 Aug
Such a coincidence for someone to post this on facebook the weekend I’m at a Family Reunion in Boston. Just in case you didn’t know my fam is Liberian…so I had to show this to a couple members. It definitey had the whole family laughing. This kid is a master at the Liberian “whoop”…take a look!


Have a Laugh

31 Jul
Hopefully, you’ll let out a laugh as hearty as I did when I read these descriptions in New York Magazine’s “The Year’s Best Hip Hop Dances”:

The Stankky Legg

The Moves: While alternately clapping, snapping your fingers, crossing your arms, and dramatically pausing, crouch down and stick one leg out away from your body as if — as is suggested by the song title, and by one brief moment in the video — your leg literally smells bad and you’re trying your best to get away from it.
Misc.: Appropriate times to do the Stanky Legg, as per the song’s lyrics: When you hit the dance floor; if you wild up.

Halle Berry

The Moves: While moderately swiveling your hips and bouncing your shoulders, hold one hand arm’s length away from you, with its palm toward you as if it were a mirror; with the other hand, rhythmically pretend to dab your makeup.

Damon Dash

The Moves: It’s an intricate multipart affair — just watch the video.

Definitely my first time hearing about this one, I suggest you watch the video like the description says. And fast forward to “1:44” to see “Jigga Pro” get down! Hilaaarious!

No Comment…


4:20 AM, Jordin Sparks sings her heart out

31 Jul
on none other than MTV AM.
Don’t ask why…I’m up doing laundry, ok?

I know she’s singing about a pretty serious topic. No seriously, love is like a “battlefield”. But check out her silver print minxed nails. Ouoowee, fierce!