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The Study of Gabology

6 Mar

Back in the day no one could tell me anything thing about the crew I hung out with in high school. We had Bryan taking photos every second on the right, Gabs & Marissa singing their hearts out in talents shows and at lunch time in the music room, Taniece banging on drums, Kathy growing her luscious ‘fro and dreaming about her skin care collection, Khang working on his Ronnie-Jr-from-Jersey-Shore-esque body, my girls Tre and Beth bringing in the bate, Phillip pondering his next masterpiece of art work, and Chalaay being a grown up hanging out with the seniors (he was the only junior in our group).

It’s amazing to look at all of us now and see the progress and to see so many of us pursue our dreams while we attend school. Gabs, has been practicing her craft since as long as I’ve known her thus it’s been a pleasure to see the growth. I betcha no one at James Hubert Black High School would believe it’s the same girl they used to walk the hallways with who owned every colored pair of chucks in the world.

Nonetheless, after she released her single “Dangerous” she hit the studio again to produce this sultry soul clinger called “Change”. See the teaser of her new song “Change” shot by Bryan (who also does her photography) & his buddy Mahada below and hear the entire song on her Myspace music page.

Follow Tracie-Josephine on her artistic journey at @Gabology and on her Facebook Fan Page.

It’s fantastic to see someone spread their wings, especially when they’re a good friend of yours. I’ve taken a front row seat…will you? You should, because she “wants to change mankind, one song at a time” 😉