Not possible…

27 Sep

To have both two of my favorites in the same video: Rachael Roy & Grafitti art by artist George “SEN one” Morrillo. Can I just say that Rachel Roy is on the verge of being etched onto my “femme de style et de substance” list because of this. She is genius for this one. Take a pertinent looksy:

And to add to her accolades, here are some of my love looks from her 2009 PF collection:

If your loving Ms. Roy as much as I do, you’ve got to do your eyes justice by viewing her affordable collection Rachel by Rachel Roy.


Eva! Eva! Eva!

27 Sep

One of my favorite films,Evita, happens to star Madonna as Argentine political leader and one of my humanitarian idols Eva Perón. Directed by Alan Parker, other heavy hitters included Antonia Banderas as Che and Jonathan Pryce as Perón. Most people I’ve asked about this movie have never seen it but can remember hearing these lyrics to a tune: “Don’t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you!”. Nonetheless, I had a bit of nostalgia this morning as I was listening to a playlist and came across one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack, “I’d be surprisingly Good for You”, that has a very pretty latin flair with the light sambas in the background.

Take a look at the song’s scene from the movie.

After a short history lesson on Eva Peron in a class in high school, I think I read just about every book that was ever written about her. Her story of passion, triumph, and persistence moved me and has ever since been a woman that I admired. Her repertoire included a strong stance for the descamisados (working class) of Argentina, women’s suffrage, and most poignant, her work with children via the Eva Perón Foundation. Not to mention she was solely responsible for the establishment of Argentina’s first female political party – Just a little history lesson!

Besides the political and biographical elements of the movie, the reason it still has such resonance in my mind is because of the fantastical fashion. The movie channeled a very 40s Argentinian glamour that rivals what political royalty were wearing around the world at the time. I don’t know you guys, I think she may have put a little dirt on Jackie O when it came to her fashion sense! Ha!


Heidi’s Workout Plan

8 Aug


Click above to see the workout video site!
In this day and age, I think it’s amazing how Hills characters Mr. & Mrs. Pratt are still famous for, well, being famous. Now Heidi’s got a workout plan (channeling Kim Kardashian a bit?).

I don’t know about this one you guys. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like her 80’s workout themed music video “Overdosin”.

…then again Mrs. Pratt does have an amazingly fit bod.
If any of you try it, please send me a review!


The Jean Jacket Story

8 Aug

…a love hate relationship we have. See you have to understand, in high school I loathed seeing the typical LVLX jean jacket on my latina sisters. Although I loved them so, I secretly wished that they would burn their jackets. Their distressed. cropped. and/or. full lengthed. jean jacket. I wanted to burn them all. Nowadays, I see myself taking a turn for the better. I no longer get quezzy when I see a vintage levi or new-aged jean jackets donning folks in the mall. In fact, I tried on a couple on in Zara the other day and felt not one pang of loathing in my soul. Times have changed and I’m loving the jean jacket.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers Karla from Karla’s Closest has a couple nice ones in rotation. Also Kanye and his mistress always seem to style their jj’s just right. Lastly, I must give a shoutout to my friend Claire that has an oversized one that is just adorablé!



Personally, although I love the vintage-y jj’s, mine has got to be a bit edgy and savage á la Rihanna. Throw in a Balmain acid wash and I’d don it like no other. Nonetheless, I’m loving the come back jean jackets are making this season.


Alice in 3D you say?

8 Aug

Set to debut March 5th 2010, the 7 year old sweet Alice we once knew as kids is no longer. Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” casts 19 year old Mia Wasikowska (from HBO’s ‘In Treatment’) to act as Alice in her teen years at 17. The plot follows that she is invited to a party only to find out, to her dismay, that she is about to be proposed to in front of a bunch of “snooty society types”. She runs off into the forests to begin the same adventure she has forgotten 10 years ago as a young girl. Check out the trailer!

Tim Burton, producer of Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas among many other award winning films, has put his usual goth accent to the movie (of which I would usually pass). However, he promises that this will be a movie to see “for little people and people who read it when they were little 50 years ago”. I think I’m going to catch this one with my mini-me little sister – perks for her include the super 3D cinematic elements. For me, you ask? Definitely Johnny Depp in action as the Mad Hatter himself!


“Everthing that glitters is not gold”

8 Aug
Uh, are you sure about that?
These Miu-Miu glitter peep-toe gals seem to prove otherwise – I’m almost sure they’re at least 20k solid before that opulent layer of glittering glitz!


Street Glam Fashion Event

6 Aug

Silver Spring, Maryland The Street Glam Fashion Event will take over Downtown Silver Spring’s Ellsworth Drive on Saturday, August 15, 2009, from 4-8:30pm. The event will feature a fashion expo, two runway shows, and a VIP Fashion Bash from 9pm to 12am.

The outdoor fashion expo will include designer exhibits, live mannequins, and fashion art displays. Following the expo, two European-style runway shows titled “Street” and “Glam” will commence with designs from internationally recognized retailers and haute couture designers. The grand finale will feature GWFCC member Kustom Looks Clothier.

The VIP Fashion Bash will begin after the runway show at 924 Ellsworth Drive. From 9pm to midnight, fashionistas will enjoy photo-ops and meet-and-greets with designers and models, fashion industry networking, a silent auction, music, and refreshments.

The fashion expo and runway show viewing areas are free to the public. Tickets for seats surrounding the runway will be sold for $75. Tickets for seats plus VIP admission will be sold for $125. For more information, contact Lillian Buie at or call 301-455-5620. In the event of rain, the runway show will be held at 924 Ellsworth Drive.


Any takers want to come with?