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A legitmate explanation ;-)

27 Sep

This is first Sunday I’ve woken up at 9am with no alarm clock and sipped on some Lipton team…on my on accord. No meeting. No obligations either. A Sunday morning to myself…

Nonetheless, I owe some people who read my blog a serious explanation as to why an enormous gaps exists btwn my posts; yeah I know, it’s been one whole month plus!

I got back to school mid September and hit the ground running; mind and body doing the same running motion, together at least. To be honest, this post does not certify my halt license, believe me Finance Principles and Quantitative Business Analysis will not allow me to take a break. However, I am enjoying a few classes that are challenging me in unexpected ways such as Principles of International Business and Principles of Marketing (of which by the way, I received a stellar ‘A’ on our first exam :-). These classes have already added many components to my ongoing project this semester – Project DC. Yes, it’s still alive, breathing, and turning into one extremely large BHAG – and I’m so excited! I met with my good friend and business/fashion partner Gabby last weekend to discuss Project DC and was reminded to continue doing research and being inspired by the many things that inspire me daily. So, I will. Thanks Gabby! (By the way, you need to check out my singing song bird friend: myspace.com/gabology and her single “Dangerous”)

Thus, although, I’m in a most peculiar place of unbalance with classes, work, and a myriad of other things. I’m thankful for their relevancy to the moves I’m making.

My most important commitment, besides Project DC, is my official capacity as part of the Gbomai Bestman Foundation. After 3 years of planning in my mother’s cul-de-sac of brilliant ideas, the Gbomai Bestman Foundation was birthed as a 501 c3 non-profit organization that is now in the works of changing healthcare in Liberia. So, do you believe me now? As you can see, this is going to be the year for me so forgive me if my posts lapses after a week or two. However, I found out last night – or rather early this morning – around 3:30am is that I think much clearer in the 30 minutes right before I hit the sack. During the week that’s usually the time I take to plan for the next day and cross of items on my to-do list. On the weekend, however, it can be prime time for blogging. So there we go!